You can better understand and plan for how they may respond to certain situations or policies by understanding how people act in a society. A degree in sociology will leave you well suited for nearly any entry-level criminology career, but can also help you find jobs in research institutions or think tanks.  Public sector policy-making jobs , such as legislative aides, are also career possibilities. Political science is the study of government and political systems.  It also studies how people react to, develop, choose and elect government leaders and forms of government.  All politics is local, as former U.S. Speaker of the House Tip O'Neil once said. The work of  any criminal justice professional, particularly police officers and policy makers, is about serving the local community, unfortunately. Political science provides foundational knowledge to help you do just that. A political science degree can help you navigate the local or state legislative process and help you better obtain and allocate resources for your department in case you have any designs to move up the chain and work in management.  A political science degree can provide a well-rounded knowledge base for an aspiring police officer or prepare you for a chance at law school by combining elements of sociology and criminal justice.

More degrees for careers in criminology

The field of forensic accounting is increasing in necessity and popularity with so much money changing hands electronically. edge in this growing field of investigations of financial crimes.  In fact, accounting is one of the five career tracks the FBI employs. More and more crimes are occurring online, and most white collar crimes involve some form of electronic transactions.  A degree in computer science can put you on track to becoming an FBI agent just like accounting. It’s extremely important line up your individual strengths and interests with careers that are complimentary to them when deciding what you want to earn a degree in.  Do your research to find out what types of careers may interest you, and what sort of education you'll need to be successful. Don't let yourself get caught in a degree program only to learn there are no or very few jobs in that area. Also in case you decide your original job choice isn't for you, you can easily transition into a deferent path without the need to start all over again so that choose degrees that can provide diversity in career options.  you'l; be in a better position to find success not only in fin ding a job, but in moving your way up the chain and into a long and rewarding criminal justice or criminology career by making a good choice when deciding your major.