There are plenty of other jobs working in schools that do not involve lesson plans while teaching school is a great job for people who want to go into the education field. One of those jobs is a school cafeteria worker. People in this role interact with children but do not have to monitor them all day. This is a good job for people who want to be around children but do not have the aptitude or desire to teach. School cafeteria workers plan breakfast and lunch menus, prepare the food and serve it. Besides tasks directly related to food preparation and storage, workers clean the dining room, transact sales and observe children during their breakfast and lunch periods. Bus drivers work for school districts transporting children from their neighborhoods to their schools and back again. Drivers' primary objective is to transport the children safely. This means driving defensively while keeping an eye on the rear view mirror watching for bad behavior like fighting and bullying. Drivers can also work for public transit systems. Drinking on the job is never okay for a public servant, but doing so can cost a bus driver more than his or her job, obviously. 

More about jobs working with children

Bus drivers who drink on the job can be arrested, and their commercial driver’s licenses can be suspended. Crossing guards are positioned around schools to help children safely cross streets.  Crossing guards watch vehicular and pedestrian traffic to keep everyone around safe, armed with fluorescent vests and stop signs on sticks. The bright colors of the vests and stop signs help drivers see the crossing guards. Crossing guards make sure vehicles have stopped before pedestrians enter the traffic lanes when children and parents need to cross a street. Crossing guards walk to the middle of a crosswalk with their stop signs raised as pedestrians proceed. They do not leave the intersection until all pedestrians have safely made it across the street. On occasion, crossing guards must confront discipline problems. Unless the activity puts students in immediate danger, they merely report the misbehavior to school officials who address it. Johnny runs as fast as he can to chase his friend down the sidewalk. It isn’t usually this foggy when he walks to school, but this time of year, the dawn breaks about half way along his routine journey. Johnny closes in on Tommy as they near their usual finish line, the last street sign before they cross the busy street in front of their school. The race is closer than it has ever been. Johnny runs as fast as he can. His fingers barely miss Tommy’s shirt flapping just out of reach. In the instant the race is over Tommy has no time to gloat.