Social workers help people function as best as they can in their environments in spite of barriers that include physical and mental illness, drug and alcohol addiction or poverty. Learn how to become a social worker, beginning with the personal characteristics that will help you succeed in this field. There are skills needed for every field that can't be taught in school. You are either born with them or have to develop them on your own.  Social workers must be sensitive, objective and have good listening skills. They have to be able to understand directions and information, whether spoken or read, as well as convey information effectively to others. A social worker must be good at identifying and solving problems, and making decisions. You need at least a bachelor's degree, generally in social work (BSW), but some employers will accept a bachelor's degree in another subject such as psychology to be a social worker. It generally takes four years to complete an undergraduate degree program. Some typical courses in a BSW program are introduction to Social Welfare and Human Services, Human Behavior theory and much, much more that has a connection with social world.

How to become a social worker

An MSW is required for many positions which students usually earn in two years in case you want to provide therapy, it is a must. Master-level students take more advanced courses that focus on their areas of concentration.  You will have to earn a DSL or PHD in case you eventually decide that you want to teach in a social work program at a college or university. DSW programs are clinically based, while the focus of Ph.D. programs is on research. Doctoral students train to become leaders in the field. They learn how to advance the profession through scholarly research and are trained to teach others to become social workers. Training of social workers also consists of field education in addition to classroom education.  All students participate in internships that will give them the opportunity to apply the theories they learn in the classroom in a work setting. Many BSW programs will not admit students until they have completed the core curriculum of that college or can transfer the credits for that coursework from another school. For example, Fordham University's Baccalaureate Program in Social Work states that "Students may apply for program admission following completion of approximately 50 credit hours and most prerequisites. Although one is needed in order to be admitted to an advanced standing program, an undergraduate degree in social work is generally not a prerequisite for admission to an MSW program. Generally, one must have a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or be about to graduate. Those who apply to doctoral programs usually need an MSW or a master's degree in a related field. Applicants must usually go through a stringent interview before being admitted. Those who apply to graduate school, take often GRE, whether it's a master's degree program or a doctoral program.