Education World is an extremely deep site that not only has a search engine focusing only on educational and teaching-related Web sites, but also has extensive resources for educators and parents. It's an excellent site that has been around now for about ten years, and should be on every teacher's "Must Have" list of online bookmarks. All you need to do is navigate to the home page to use Education World's educational search engine; the search query box is up on the top, upper right. Here you have a couple of choices. You can choose to only search Education World's extensive education database, or you can search the Web for more educational sites. Education World's search engine was able to search 500,000 different educational sites at the time of this writing. My search for "Christmas" using only EdWorld's sites brought back over 200 excellent resources including lesson plans, good books to read to the kids, and classroom planning tips. I was able to view over 700 educational sites, all about anything from Polish Christmas traditions to Christmas word games – the same search using the greater Internet option was just as good.

Education world

You can use EducationWorld's Advanced Search option simply by clicking on the Advanced Search text link in addition to this. Education World has a huge education resources database, organized by subject. In case you know pretty much what you're looking for that you straight to this directory from the start I would highly suggest that. Education World has all their articles and resources aligned along the left side of your browser window; between the education search engine, the directory, and these articles, you should be able to find anything you're looking for, education-wise in addition to this. Education World's educational search engine is an excellent resource for teachers and parents. I was able to find good, relevant educational sites without any fuss or trouble. I would highly recommend EducationWorld for educators and parents. You have quite a few search options on the FoodieView home page. The main search query box is right in the middle, and then you have the option to browse by category, search in your Recipe Box (more about that in a second), look at restaurants, product reviews, cooking resources, or read the FoodieView Blog, which is full of search questions that FoodieView readers have sent in. One thing that is especially cool on FoodieView (and is probably my absolute favorite feature) is this: you can use FoodieView to clean out your fridge. The FoodieView search results page is nicely uncluttered; in fact, the whole FoodieView site is very easy on the eyes. Your main search results are in the middle column once you perform a search. You'll see a short annotation of the recipe, the link to the originating site, reviews and ratings, and a text link that invites you to "Add to Recipe Box for each individual search result.