You have a software engineer to thank for making possible the use of computer, cell phone or a software program. Software engineers are computer science professionals that oversee everything involved in creating the software that makes these devices useful and functional. There are two types of degrees you can earn in order to become a professional in this field. Systems software developers are responsible for the software that makes computers and other devices run. This includes the operating system the computer on your desk uses, as well as a customized system an organization may use to run its computers. Applications software developers design software programs like databases, word processors and games. The applications may be mass marketed or developed for business, organizations and other entities according to their needs and specifications. There were 392 000 systems software developers and 521 000 applications software developers employed in 2010. Most were employed in the computer system design and related services industry, with others commonly working for computer and electronic product manufactures, finance and insurance companies, and software publishers. These developers generally have full-time jobs with many working more than forty hours each week.

Degree in software developing

Probably many students want to earn a degree in software developing. Most of the people that work in this field are required to have bachelor’s degree, while you are not required to have it. Majoring in computer science with a focus on building software can prepare you for your first job. Some of the employers even prefer job candidates who have a master’s degree. Software developers working in some industries must have skills related to it. You need to have good understanding of how the industry operates in case, for example, you want to develop software for an insurance company. This knowledge will allow you to develop such software that suits the needs of those who will use it. Also the developers need to be effective communicators as they will have to convey instructions to colleagues who are working on projects they are overseeing. They should be strong team players since generally work with others. Also they should have good analytical and problem solving skills. The former will allow them to determine the needs of the users and the latter to troubleshot problems that develop during the development process. They must be detail-oriented, creative and have strong customer service skills in addition. A promising future is in store for this occupation – according to the US Bureau of Labor Department Predictions. This agency expects job growth to be faster than the average for all occupations through 2020 with systems developers’ growth slightly higher. Degree in software developing can give you a wide range of opportunities for successful career realization. No matter where you work – in your own country or abroad – your salary will be high, even much higher than in many other fields. Actually annual earnings are one of the main reasons students to be so active in learning about software developing.