More generally degree is a college or university diploma. To get such one everybody needs to pass different numbers of exams. It is often associated with title or with academic position which is awarded in recognition of recipient having either satisfactorily completed a prescribed course of study Well known degrees are for example bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree. Most of the higher education institutions offer both certificates and several programs. They lead to the obtainment of a Master of Advanced Studies. The doctorate appeared for the first time in medieval universities. Its roots lead their beginning to the early church when the term “doctor” referred to the Apostles. In many medieval universities in Europe all the candidates who had completed three or four years of studying in mathematics, geometry, astronomy and music, together known as Liberal Arts and who have successfully taken their exams would be admitted to the degree of Liberal Arts. The naming of degrees eventually begins to link with the studied subjects. Scholars in the facilities of arts and grammar became known as Master. As Doctor were known all who had studied technology, medicine and law. Regard to the practice of using the term doctor for PHDs developed within German universities.


In the past degrees have been directly issued by authority of the monarch rather than the rest educational institution. Gradually however, this practice began to dies. In our days many men and women attend and earn degrees in all the university which are famous in all over the world. In the United States was reached a milestone as women surpassed men in attaining master degrees for the first time. According to the reports total 10.5 million men got degrees and the women were 10.6 million. For the first time in 1996 women surpassed men in earning bachelor’s degrees. There are wild variety of conventions for indicating degrees and diplomas. For example in some cultures it is usual to give only the highest degree. In other cases is given the full sequence. Abbreviations are also given because of the discipline and the level of honnours where it applies. An online degree is an academic degree, more often college degree. In number of cases however this can means also high school diplomas and non – degree certificate programs that can be earned through the use of an Internet – connected computer. Both improvements in technology and the need for people to have flexible schools schedules lead to the proliferation of colleges online. They award bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral and associate’s degrees. As a whole getting of degree – including online – is the main aim for many people at different ages. This kind of document allows finding good and well –paid job and besides gives the opportunity everyone to apply in many prestige colleges and universities, no matter if private or state. In each state there are different requirements which have to be accomplished. Only in that way those who want to have degree will get it.