College degree, independently from college or university is usually an academic degree earned for a graduate course of study or major that in theory depending on the location and the topic of study, is supposed to last three or five years. Also it’s possible to range more widely in duration, depending on ability and diligence of the student if the student or not the student balances work and other life commitments while attending school, the student’s exciting level of education, the availability of classes and school policies. In other cases it’s possible to be the name of a second graduate degree such as a Master of Legislative Law, The Bachelor of Music or the Bachelor of Philosophy. This kind college degree is normally offered after a first graduate\bachelor’s degree. An interesting fact is that during the Renaissance all who received a doctorate upon passing their final examinations were decorated with berried branches of bay, an ancient symbol of highest honor. As a whole getting of a college degree is helpful and useful because of different reasons. The main one is that thanks to such kind of diploma everyone can find a good job and to make professional realization and also to have much success.

College degree

College degree may be awarded after finishing high education. In absolutely every sphere people get degrees after they study bachelor for three or five years. In different states from all over the world giving of degrees appears at different period of time. For example in Austria similar to Germany first degrees were Magister and The Diplom. A new piece of educational legislation in 2002 reintroduced the bachelor’s degree which is awarded after three years and Master’s degree – another one or two years in Austria. In Belgium in accordance with the agreements made in the Bologna process, the system of high education in this state was reformed. A three year bachelor’s training was introduced to replace the former two and also three year degree. It was called graduaat in Dutch, graduat in French and also candidature, the latter being part of a college or university education. The specialist’s degree was the first degree in Soviet Union awarded from students upon completion of five – year studies at the university level. Bachelor degrees were also introduced in all the United States. After such kind of bachelor, normally for four years, one can earn a master’s degree while preserving the old five –year specialist scheme. College degree is now given in many colleges – state, private and online – so students studying in them have many opportunities for development in professional plan. It’s never easy to get a college degree – it is connected with passing difficult exams and with receiving of excellent or at least very good marks. From other hand degrees in colleges are important for all who want to apply in another educational institution independently where it’s located. It also has big influence when people apply for job and gives more advantages and chances for success.