A teacher works with students and helps them learn concepts in such subjects as science, language arts, social studies and much more. They then help them apply these concepts. Elementary schools, middle schools, secondary schools and preschools are the places where teachers work in. They work in either private schools or public schools. Some of them teach special education but information of those who do is often not included in the profiles in Internet that present the work of the teachers. You usually need a bachelor’s degree to become a teacher. All public schools require that and many private schools do as well. One generally has to complete an approved teacher training program that includes earning a specified number of subject and education credits and doing practical training. Now many of the school districts in USA accept bachelor’s degrees in other majors. Also some of the states require teachers to earn a master’s degree within a certain amount of time. Requirements for preschool teacher vary by state. Some require bachelor’s degree in early childhood education while others require an associate degree. Depending on your individual wish and the degrees you have earned, you can make career in teaching.

Career in teaching

The District of Columbia and all states require public school teachers to be licensed. Generally state boards or departments of education issue these licenses. One must generally pass an exam that demonstrates competency in basic skills and proficiency in her or his subject area in order to become licensed. Some teachers often become school administrators in case they have enough experience. Others get additional training and become guidance counselors, reading specialists and school librarians. Employment of kindergarten through secondary school teachers will grow as fast as the average for all occupations through 2018. Job opportunities will vary from good to excellent. Great level, location and subject specialty – this is what the employment depends on. There will be a greater demand for mathematicians, science and bi-lingual education teachers, for example, and for those who want to teach in less desirable school districts. Depending on whether teachers teach elementary, middle or secondary school, their salaries vary. In 2009 the medium annual salary for each was 50 510 dollars for elementary school teachers, 50 770 dollars for Middle school teachers and 52 200 dollars for secondary school teachers. People which have a career in teaching often use props or manipulatives to help children understand abstract concepts, solve problems and develop critical through processes. Also they introduce children to language, science, mathematics and social studies. They encourage collaboration in solving problems by having students work in groups to discuss and solve problems together. As a whole in the field of teaching there are many opportunities everyone can use but first of all you have to earn some of the numerous degrees that will let you to practice this profession. Schools, colleges and universities – all these institutions accept job candidates each year and offer them chances for professional realization.